Toddler Suffered Major Burns While Playing at the Splash Pad but It Wasn’t From the Sun

For our honeymoon, my husband and I took a trip of a lifetime to Australia and it was a vacation that I’ll never forget. Mostly because it was our honeymoon but also because I suffered from a severe sun burn that I painfully remember to this day. I won’t lie: I was young and in my early twenties and didn’t think much about applying a considerable amount of sunscreen before heading to Bondi Beach for the day. Plus, I also didn’t realize how strong the sun was in Australia.

Needless to say, I spent several days of our honeymoon nursing my sunburn inside our hotel room. The tips of my ears to the bottom of my feet were completely red. Because of that incident, I’ve been very careful about putting on sun protection whenever I’m outdoors. It only took me one horrible sunburn for me to learn my lesson.

With that being said, I always, always ALWAYS put sun block on my kids, even if they only plan on spending 20 minutes outdoors. And now I am going to make a concentrated effort to make sure my kids wear swim shoes too after hearing this story of a how a toddler got 2nd degree burns on his feet.

Credit: Shutterstock/GeniusKp

Here’s what happened

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