Toddler Playing With Stove Accidentally Started Fire That Killed 12 People

The worst fire in 25 years.

So many of us complain that having a toddler means needing to give constant attention. Some of us have two or three year old kids who can’t be left alone in a room because we know that they will be able to figure some way to potentially injure themselves. They have no cares or really no experience behind toddlers to link to something being a big safety concern.

Tragedy struck several families last week when a fire broke out in an apartment building in a New York City apartment building. During the holidays when people are celebrating and wrapping up another year, more than 12 families are grieving the loss of loved ones and trying to make sense over what happened after a toddler accidentally started the horrific fire.

As the details emerge over what started the fire and how exactly it got to be this catastrophic, people are shocked and saddened  to hear the details. According to reports, the fire that claimed the lives of so many people started with a toddler who was left unsupervised for a short amount of time.

People are demanding to know why this happened and it seems it was an event that had so many wrong decisions add up to this tragedy.

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Devan McGuinness

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