Toddler Rushed to the Hospital With a Huge Patch of Missing Hair and Multiple Bruises

    I’m the kind of person that bruises pretty easily. In fact, I’ll usually find mystery bruises on my legs or around my knees and I’ll have no idea how they got there. But then again I’ve always been pretty clumsy.

    But when it comes to kids, many of their mysterious bumps, bruises and scrapes can often be explained. Kids do a lot of crazy things that drive us crazy, right? They the living room couch as their own personal trampoline, insist on doing cannon balls from the foot of their bed or worse, RUN like no one is watching them when you’ve repeatedly told them to walk in public.

    But for one little boy from West Palm Beach, Florida, his bruises might or might not tell a different story.

    Ashley Crawford
    Credit: Palm Beach Post

    And now his mother is being charged for failing to explain where all of the bruises from his body are coming from.

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