Toddler Forced to Pee Her Pants on Flight After Attendant Blocks Her From Washroom

When you know you will be boarding a plane with a toddler, there’s always a certain degree of trepidation that parents feel. After all, kids are loud, want to move around and while flying you’re in close quarters with people who might not want to be around our child. It’s one of those things that we just accept and get through.

While we always know that we might face some not-so-nice passengers, we mostly don’t think that us or our child will be denied our basic rights as a passenger and human being while on board. Unfortunately, after hearing about the trauma that this flight attendant put a toddler through, it’s something that we might have to think twice about.

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See what this flight attendant did to a toddler who needed to use the bathroom.

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Allison Cooper

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