Toddler Ends Up Covered In Painful Blisters After Playing With ‘Harmless’ Kids’ Makeup Kit

You won’t believe it until you see these photos.

Toddler ends up in the hospital after playing with what was supposed to be a harmless makeup kit. Her burns were so severe and bad that she is still recovering from the trauma to this very day.

According to reports, all this little girl wanted to do was play dress up and put on makeup, just like she sees her mother do everyday. It’s totally normal and very common, right? I have a daughter who loves to observe what I do in front of the mirror. And because I know that she’s watching me, I try to be very careful in setting a good example for her. After all, I’m her mother. If she is going to learn how to put on makeup the right way, she might as well do it from me!

Mother Kylie Cravens feels the same way. But never did she imagine that a harmless makeup kit would give her daughter a severe allergic reaction! She bought the kit from a local Family Dollar store and didn’t think much of it when she gave it to her toddler daughter. But once you see these photos, you’ll be shocked at what happened!

This toddler ended up in the hospital because of a kids’ makeup kit!

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