Toddler Makes Miraculous Recovery After Life Support Turned Off Read more

Nine months after being taken off of life support one toddler went against all the odds and spent Christmas with her family.

Bella Moore-Williams was just 18-months-old when she became seriously ill while on a family trip. Her family rushed her to hospital after she was falling in and out of consciousness and her her legs stopped moving.

Bella’s life support was switched off after a week of life support and the family gathered around her hospital bed and prepared for the unthinkable.

“The whole family came in one by one to say their goodbyes,” Bella’s mom, Francesca, told the Mirror UK. “I just kept sitting there thinking ‘why us?’ It was heart wrenching.”

The family was in shock when the little girl began breathing on her about 20 minutes later. Then she started kicking and screaming, fighting for her life!


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