Toddler Is in Intensive Care After Being Brutally Beaten by Her Babysitter

You’d think that by now society would understand that any form of physical punishment – or any kind of violence for that matter – towards children is completely unacceptable. I know that parenting isn’t easy, but my goodness you should be able to communicate with your child to explain to them the difference between right and wrong.

With that being said, there are still people out there that think disciplining kids with physical force is an easier and effective way to get your point across. Now, don’t get me wrong here: I know kids can push buttons. They will try and test you until you lose your very last ounce of patience. But should a child ever get physically beaten for not following the rules? Of course not! Yet, that’s exactly what happened in this situation here. And you’ll never guess who the person was behind the punishment. Let me warn you that this might be a little difficult to see.

Gia Faye
Credit: KTXL/Sacramento

Do you trust your babysitter?

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