Toddler Hits the Gym to Bulk Up and Impress a Girl: ‘A Guy’s Gotta Do What a Guy’s Gotta Do’

Brody Lee Smith has his New Year’s resolution on lock: he’s getting stronger to impress a girl and hits the gym with his mom, because as he says, “Guys need to exercise!”

In the video Brody runs around the gym, showing off some impressive bike riding and elliptical skills despite his mini toddler stature – all for a girl.


“I’m trying to get stronger so I can be her best friend, so she doesn’t have to be rude to me all day,” he explains. “But all day she’s been rude, so I’m trying to get stronger so she can invite me to be best friends so she won’t yell at me and do all that rude stuff.”

When Smith’s mom chimes in, asking him why he thinks getting stronger will change the girl’s mind, Smith explains that he has some competition for BFF status from a bigger kid.

“He’s a kid, bigger, bigger than me,” Smith says. “Now I’m trying to get bigger than him, because I’m an athlete.”

If that wasn’t adorable enough, he adds that when it comes to getting buff for a girl, “Guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do.”



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