Toddler Froze To Death After Teacher Forgot To Bring Her Back In After Recess

This is truly heartbreaking.

Toddler freezes to death at school: this is the kind of headline that shouldn’t exist in our world. But sadly, it does. Because this is exactly what happened to one little girl who was left out in the cold after a teacher forgot to bring her in after recess.

I live in a climate that has warm weather all year round so fortunately, we don’t have to deal with cold weather clothes, snow storms and blizzards. As a matter of fact, my children’s go-to footwear is flip flops during both the summer and winter months.

But when we do travel to colder states during the holidays and school breaks, I’m always very careful and cautious about them not staying outside for too long. That’s because we are not used to the frigid temperatures. Plus, they are kids. They might think that they can play outside all day long, but realistically it’s not a good idea, even during the hot summer months. We have to protect ourselves regardless of what the temperature feels like outside.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for this little toddler. Let me warn you that what you are about to hear is truly heartbreaking.

This toddler died because she was left out in the cold!

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