Toddler Falls off of Train Platform in This Nail-Biting Video

Toddler Disappears 

toddler slips under train
Credit: Facebook/ Sydney Trains

Sydney Trains, the rail network that serves the Australian city and surrounding area, released a scary video to warn parents to be careful with their children when they board and get off trains.

In January 2016, two-year-old Ayden was about to walk on a train with his grandparents and their other grandchild when the toddler disappeared through the crack between the platform and train, according to 9News.

Ayden had fallen between the train and the platform and was lying on the tracks.

The grandparents waved their hands for help, as the incident was caught on the cameras.

John Brewster, the boy’s grandfather, was lucky that he managed to grab his hands and pull the boy out.

“It happened that bloody quick. We were running because it was raining, we’d had an ice-cream then we were taking the train because Ayden loves trains,” he told 9News.

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