A 3-Year-Old Girl Called 911 After Being Left Home Alone By Her Caregiver

Her 1-year-old brother was there too

We always try to teach our kids what to do in case of emergencies. We teach them about 911 and who they should speak to if they’re ever in trouble. It’s hard knowing what exactly is the right age to start teaching our kids as well, because we’re not sure when they’re really understanding what we’re telling them.

As parents we also do everything in our power to have caregivers we trust taking care of our children. We hope that the people who care for our kids treat them as they were their own. That means loving them and nurturing them and never putting them in harms way.

Sadly we’ve seen too many instances where a caregiver breaches the trust a parent has given them. Sometimes the results of that breach of trust is tragic. Other times it’s a scary reminder of what could have gone wrong. While the majority of caregivers are loving and trusting, some are neglectful.

Thanks to one quick thinking 3-year-old, she and her 1-year-old brother were rescued after she called 911. The toddler and her brother were left home alone by the caregiver in unsafe conditions.

Now that caregiver has been arrested and is facing charges.

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