Ex-NFL Player Todd Heap’s Accidentally Kills His 3-Year-Old Daughter

As a parent, I swear to you that I am continually paranoid about my family’s whereabouts, safety and well-being. I know some might say it’s silly and that I might be over-exaggerating at times, but my two children are my most precious commodities in this life of mine. As any parent would tell you, I would be absolutely gutted if something devastating happened to them or any of my close family members or friends.

That’s why the NFL community is in complete shock over a tragic accident that happened at former Arizona Cardinals star Todd Heap’s house. We are actually at a loss of words and can only hope that Todd and his family find some peace during this very difficult time in their lives right now.

Todd Heap
Credit: Shutterstock/Action Sports Photography

Todd Heap never thought this would happen in his own home.

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