Todd Chrisley Defends Daughter Savannah and Her Boyfriend Luke During Breakup Rumors

There’s no doubt that Todd Chrisley knows best, especially when it comes to his family! The reality television star and VERY protective father is opening up about his daughter Savannah and her relationship with her boyfriend Luke Kennard.

Savannah and Luke confirmed that they started dating in June. Since then, there have been reports about the state of their relationship, mostly because Savannah isn’t the kind of person to put her personal life on blast on social media. And for a lot of critics, Savannah and Luke just seem to good to be true: they are both young, beautiful and as far as we know, head-over-heels in love!

There have been rumors that Savannah and Luke called it quits, but here’s what Todd has to say about it.

todd chrisley
Credit: Instagram/@toddchrisley

Todd Chrisley is setting the record straight!

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