Today’s Diet is Tomorrow’s Tummy

Today’s Diet is Tomorrow’s Tummy

I recently dug this amazing dress out of my closet’s I’ll-wear-this-again-some-day section. The last time it had seen the light of day (or darkness of night…it was a cocktail dress, after all) was three years ago. That would put it into the frightening relic category of “pre-child wardrobe.” I cautiously slipped it over my head. I shimmied it down. I eagerly zipped it up. Success! I had found my Hot Mom dress for a swanky club opening the following week.

The day before the event, I modeled the dress for my daughter (she comments on my outfits. I’ve actually changed clothes because my little fashionista said I looked like Grandma–it’s nothing personal, mom). I ran through the steps—dress over head, dress on body, zipper zip…Wait a minute. Why do I look three months pregnant? Just a few days ago, I rocked this frock. Now I had a pooch. And less than 24 hours to get rid of it or succumb to the safe, go-to LBD waiting in the wings.

I did a mental status update. This couldn’t be a physique issue. I mean, I work out (Wii, gym, Home Arc Trainer).  I watch what I eat. Sort of. This was a temporary problem. Right?…RIGHT?

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