Tired of the Same Old Mother’s Day Gifts?

If you are tired of getting the same things for Mother’s Day and want something that will actually MEAN something, check this out.  The  Lu Parker Project is doing something amazing for our homeless furry friends at the L.A. animal shelters that will make a huge impact on their lives as they hunt for their new permanent homes.They are donating brand new beds for these little critters that are virtually indestructible.

Many of the dogs in the animal shelters are owner surrenders. These dogs are now sleeping on hard cement often in their own pee and poo. A new bed for them not only gets them off the hard ground onto a soft place to curl up on, but gives them some dignity back! You can be a part of this great effort and just in time for Mother’s Day!

If  you donate by Friday May 4th, you will receive a gift certificate to one of the many L.A sponsors participating in this cause. Some of the sponsors include Peet’s Coffee, Sprinkles CupCakes, Marie Callendar’s, Aziam yoga, Pasadena Vetrinary Specialists, Argyle Salon and Spa and Animal Wellness Center Santa Monica. You will also receive a Mother’s Day Card and a Thank You Certificate that you can frame.

If you live outside the area, sorry, you won’t get the local sponsor gift certificate, but you will receive the Thank you Certificate and Mother’s Day Card!  To donate today, go to http://www.luparkerproject.org/#/have-a-heart-donate/

Once a mommy always a mommy, weather it’s our children or our pets, we love them all!!


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