Tips for Cozying up to a Book with Your Tot

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Now that it’s Fall and the weather is crisp it is a great time to spend quality time indoors with the little ones. Reading is something that the whole family can do and that won’t cost you a fortune to do. Here are some pointers when getting ready to read with your child.

newborn up until about 5 months old will most likely be content with a picture book and being able to touch the pages. My daughter loved those crinkly books at this age. A baby grows fast so start this habit now and watch how the love just grows with age.

At 6-8 months, Talk with your baby while you are reading the book. Board and cloth books are perfect for this age when they want to be a part of the story.

Once they hit 9 months and older they are much more comfortable with the whole routine and love to turn the pages themselves and most will probably be able to point out animals and things in the pictures of the book. Turning the pages of the book can provide that precious hands-on experience and bring your child one step closer to becoming an independent reader soon.

Did you know? Reading to your baby promotes language acquisition and literacy development and, later on, acheivement in reading comprehension and overall success in school. {ECE: National Center for Education Statistics December 1998}

Clarissa Nassar

Clarissa Nassar is a bi-coastal mama, born and raised in Southern Cali and transplanted to the east coast, she knows the best of both worlds. She writes on her blog The Posh Parent and is a full-time psychology major. Clarissa has been in the blogosphere since 2007 and loves to share her view of life as a chic mom on the cheap.

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