Tina Fey Admits Her Daughter Is On The ‘Naughty List’ This Year

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OMG, Tina Fey is actually describing my life right now. My biggest fear is seeing one of my children going off to college and succeeding in life while the other is stuck doing not so great things. I know it’s too early to judge, but it sometimes drives me crazy that my children are polar opposites with very different personalities. They both set a different set of challenges for me as a parent and let me tell you, it ain’t easy!

According to Tina, she has a similar situation at home with her two daughters Alice and Penelope. She admits that her younger one has had a handful of moments this year that could result in her name being put on the naughty list for Christmas.

Here’s what she said:

”My older one is sweet and really easy going and my little one is rough. She is smart. That’s the problem, too. When she is mad at you, she will just take you apart.”

”I struggle because I worry she will be on the naughty list. There are times where I feel she should be on the naughty list, but then if that happens then there will sort of be hell to pay for mommy. I don’t want to be the one there on Christmas morning, be like, ‘Guess what happened? Coal. You got nothing.”’

Ha! I could totally relate. Life would be so much easier if all of our kids were the same, right? Actually, no. I take that back!

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