Is It Time for a Makeover?

Help your hairdresser. Bring magazine photos showing the look you’re going for. But if your stylist seems reluctant to help you update your ‘do, go to someone new. “We get complacent, too,” says Yamashita.


Get annual updates. Skin changes over time, so don’t wait until you run out of foundation or moisturizer to get new products. Stop by your favorite brands’ store counters at least once a year for free makeup applications and advice.

Take advantage of occasions. Getting your makeup done for a wedding or other special event? Pepper the artist with questions and show her your makeup and skin care products to see what she recommends.

Be yourself. “Be open, but don’t force yourself to be something you’re not,” says Kae, also executive producer of web beauty tutorial #PRETTYRAD.

Michele Meyer is a freelance beauty, fashion and celeb writer for MORE, Travel + Leisure and USA WEEKEND. The former Allure and Lucky correspondent has also contributed to InStyle and Real Simple. She has previously contributed to Life & Beauty Weekly.

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