Tiger at Zoo Cuddles up to a Woman’s Baby Bump

There’s just something so powerful about an animal’s natural instinct. It doesn’t matter if it’s a dog, or a cat or in this instance, a tiger, but it’s almost as if they know something wonderful is happening whenever they see or come near a pregnant human being.

I remember during my first pregnancy our dog did act differently around me. He would want to cuddle more often on the couch and sometimes even refused to go to sleep until I went to bed, too. It’s just amazing how they act like incredibly protectors, especially when they sense that you have a baby growing inside of you!

With that being said, everyone can’t get enough of this viral clip of a tiger trying to get VERY up close and personal with a pregnant woman at an Indiana zoo. Let’s just say that there’s a good possibility that this woman is very thankful for that sturdy glass wall between them. Otherwise, I couldn’t imagine what would have happened if there was no barrier between them!

tiger at zoo Natasha Handshoe 
Credit: Facebook / Natasha Handshoe

Check out this tiger trying to cuddle with this mom’s baby bump!

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