Tia Mowry Shoots Down Body Shamers: ‘I Am Not Pregnant; I Am Just Happy’

Tia Mowry the former “Sister, Sister” star and current Cooking Channel talent has found herself the focus of pregnancy rumors — again.

Baby bump watchers for the second time this year have decided Tia has the telltale signs. They’ve even shared the news on social media and in some publications.

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The big problem is that she is not actually pregnant and she doesn’t appreciate the scrutiny.

“Guys, I am not pregnant; I am just happy,” she revealed in a recent interview with the Huffington Post. “I’ve gained these extra 10 [or] 15 pounds because of my cooking show. … I’m just enjoying life and when I want to drop the pounds, I will, but right now I’m happy with who I am.”

And she’d appreciate it if the chatter about her body would stop now.

“It is a form of body shaming, I will say that, and it’s pretty unfortunate,” she explained.

In July, Tia  posted the photo below to try and prove she was not pregnant and poke fun!


But the talk is back, and lately Mowry’s noticed some unkind commentary about her shape in the mix.

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