Tia Mowry’s Instagram Post About Her Postpartum Body Is Something Moms Need To Read

Her words serve as a powerful reminder

    Actress and mom Tia Mowry has an important message for postpartum moms. After giving birth to her daughter a few weeks ago, she posted a postpartum picture of herself. While wearing a flowy white shirt dress, she looks amazing. But she also makes an excellent point in the caption of the photo.

    Do I still have a belly yes. I actually look like I’m 4 months pregnant and that is OKAY,” she writes.

    Tia Mowry gave birth to her daughter on May 5th. That was less than three weeks ago! First of all, she looks fantastic. And she just had a baby, she shouldn’t have to worry about what her body looks like.

    Unrealistic and unnecessary societal expectations

    After giving birth, women, and especially women who are in the spotlight, like Mowry, have insane expectations placed on their bodies. Within weeks of having a baby, they’re supposed to “bounce back” and have their pre-baby bodies back. It’s like people forget what a woman’s body goes through when she’s pregnant. There is no way that it will “bounce back” in a short amount of time; we’re not made of elastic.

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