This Woman’s Viral Facebook Post Shows The Blissful Joy Of Being A Non-Mother

Have you heard about the ‘motherhood challenge’ that’s been making the rounds on Facebook? You know the one that looks like this;

Motherhood Challenge: I was nominated to post 5 pictures that make me happy to be a Mother. I’m tagging 10 people that I think are great Mothers to post 5 pictures for the Motherhood Challenge! I will copy and paste this in the comments below for you. Here are my 5 pictures that make me happy to be a mother x

Then that person posts 5 random super happy pictures and tags 10 of their friends to do the same, and soon your entire facebook feed is overrun by women posting their happy pictures while you hope and pray that no one tags you. Or maybe that’s just me, because even if I was tagged, which my friends know better than to do, there’s no way I would take part. Simply because I hate facebook memes like this and finding 5 pictures seems like a lot of work for me.

One woman however has taken her own version of ‘The Motherhood Challenge’ and put her own hilarious, jealousy inducing spin on it.

Photo Credit The Motherhood Challenge

Photo Credit The Motherhood Challenge



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