This Woman’s Letter To The Teenage Boy At Her Local Skate Park Will Surprise You

Jeanean Thomas’s 6 year old daughter Peyton has wanted to skateboard for a long time. After her mother finally convinced her that skateboarding isn’t just ‘for boys’ the two set off for the local skatepark near their home in Ontario. When they arrived the park was full of teenage boys who were ‘smoking and swearing’ and Peyton was intimidated enough to want to go home. Jeanean convinced her to stay and she set off on one of the ramps.

What happened next inspired Jeanean to write a letter that is quickly going viral. Titled ‘Dear teenage boy at the skate park’ Jeanean details exactly what happened when a young boy approached her daughter, just when Jeanean thought she’d have to break out the ‘mom voice’. Jeanean first posted her letter to Twitter.




The letter read;

Dear teenage boy at the skate park:

You’re probably about 15 years-old, so I don’t expect you to be very mature or for you to want a little girl on your skate ramp for that matter.

What you don’t know is that my daughter has been wanting to skateboard for months. I actually had to convince her that skateboarding wasn’t for just for boys.

So when we walked up to the skate park and saw that it was full of teenaged boys who were smoking and swearing, she immediately wanted to turn around and go home.

I secretly wanted to go too because I didn’t want to have to put on my mom voice and exchange words with you.

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