This Woman Says You Should Stay Slim and Pretty to Please Your Man

I have so much that I could say about this story but I’m going to let you be the judge and just let the quotes flow. Meet Inez Feltscher Stepman. She is an education policy analyst whose work has been published on So, yes, she’s conservative. And it turns out she is VERY conservative.

Stepman has just written a piece about marriage. She is blasting the “pack of feminist lies” that makes “men and women unhappier” and she says that millennials (of which I presume she is one) have had to “rediscover a lot of politically incorrect truths from scratch.” So ladies, this is what Stepman says you should be doing to keep your husband happy.

Inez Feltscher with two wine glasses
Credit: Facebook / Inez Feltscher Stepman

What does this writer say women have got all wrong about marriage?

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Marissa Charles

Born and raised in London, Marissa Charles is an award-winning journalist who has written for newspapers and magazines around the world. Her work has appeared in publications in the UK, the US, Australia, South Africa and France. She loves writing about health, fitness, celebrities, true crime and human-interest stories Her byline has appeared in a variety of publications, including EBONY, the Daily Mail Online, The Guardian, Essence, the New York Post,,, and British Glamour. Marissa currently lives in Los Angeles, California. She has no children yet but is a proud – and at times embarrassing – godmother.

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