This Woman Recreated All of Rachel Green’s Best Outfits From Friends and the Result Is Amazing

I was a high schooler and college student during the mid to late 90’s, which meant that I watched a lot of Must-See TV during that wonderful television era. And one of the biggest gems was of course, NBC’s highly-ratted and acclaimed series, Friends. I don’t think I’ve ever met a person who has never watched the show or who doesn’t know the significant meaning behind “We were on a break!”

With that being said, I’m sure the majority of us were – and still are – huge Rachel Green fans. Sure, Monica was great, Phoebe was cute and kooky, but secretly we all wanted to be Rachel Greens. After all, she had the hair, the look, the personality, and of course – the clothes! She was so perfectly, quintessential 90’s and we loved everything about her.

And now one beauty editor and Friends fan managed to recreate all of Rachel’s iconic looks and the result is absolutely incredible. You’ve got to see these!

Credit: Screenshot YouTube / Cosmopolitan

This woman recreated all of Rachel Green’s best outfits from friends and the result is amazing!

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