This Amazing Woman Shut Down Mom-Shaming From Every Single Angle

Judgment. It’s one of my least-favorite words just because there’s so much of it in the world these days. I don’t think I’ve ever met a soul on this planet who hasn’t been judged for their decisions in one way or another.

And with social media, the problem does seem to get worse everyday. Everyone has an opinion about you, your life and your kids and it seems like they want you to know that opinion even if you aren’t asking them for it. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. The mom who judges you for bottle feeding, or that volunteer who can’t believe you gave your child a Rice Krispee treat for lunch at school that day. Or worse, the nosy mom who wants to know whose child started the lice infestation in their classroom.

If I could, I would prescribe everyone a heavy dose of MYOB.

That’s why so many people are raving over Ashle Potter’s post and how she’s managed to shut down mom-shaming in the most positive way ever. I love Ashlee and I love everything she has to say.

Ashle Potter
Credit: Instagram/@ashlepotter

Ashle Potter is showing her support to all moms!

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