This Woman Is Getting Heat for Imitating Beyoncé’s Pregnancy Announcement

By now, we’ve all seen Beyoncé’s famous and shocking pregnancy announcement photo, when she told the world that there would be double the blessings from the family. And while some people expressed confusion at the unique pregnancy photo, others did some digging to honor the ways that Beyoncé paid tribute to many important themes in her photo.

Regardless of what you thought of the photo, one thing is for sure: it was a totally unique photo that only Beyoncé could pull of.

woman recreates beyonce's photo shoot
Credit: Instagram / @beyonce; Instagram / @missdlloyd

Which is exactly why people are furious at one woman for imitating it.

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Chaunie Brusie

Chaunie Brusie is a freelance writer, former magazine editor, author, mom of four, and a registered nurse with experience in OB, long-term and step-down care.

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