This Woman Is Desperate to Find a Boy Who Left $5 and a Heartbreaking Message on Her Door

It’s without a doubt that kids love to push buttons and get into trouble. I mean, we all know how much our children love to provoke or cross boundaries from time to time. At least that’s how I feel about my children. They are both at an age now where they love to test me or see how mad I’ll get before backing off. Sometimes it’s cute but most of the time it makes me want to pull my hair out!

But for one woman in Washington state, an incident with a mysterious boy has left her more heartbroken than mad. One boy named Jake stole one of the three windchimes that she has on her porch. Feeling guilty about it, he came back to her house and left an apology note along with a $5 bill. But here’s the thing: the woman isn’t mad at all.

letter and apology
Credit: Facebook/Chrissy Marie

In fact, she’s desperately searching for Jake so she can give him his $5 back and here’s why.

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