This Wife Uses A Blind Taste Test To Reveal To Her Husband That She’s Pregnant

Cory Williams is a YouTuber with a popular channel called ‘Dude Like Hella’ so he thought nothing of it when his wife Kristen came up with an idea to film Cory participating in a blind taste test.

What Cory didn't know is that Kristen had planned the whole thing as a way to announce to her husband and his viewers that she is expecting a baby! As Kristen blindfolds Cory and begins to hand him the secret taste test items, she begins to hold up signs to the camera to reveal that this isn't just a taste test.

The first signs read 'Cory thinks this is a taste challenge, but that's not all this is... One sample is a HUGE surprise...'

Cory continues the taste testing as Kristen continues to hold up signs, now reading 'I love this man' followed by a sign that reads 'I'm so EXCITED to say...'

At this point Kristen gives Cory a jar of banana baby food to sample, then proceeds to ask him why he would think she'd give him baby food. Cory thinks it was because it was his favourite when he was a little, so Kristen keeps asking him if he might know of another reason why she might give him the baby food. When Cory finally puts it together it's a truly awesome moment.

Congratulations to the happy couple, and watch the video of the reveal below.


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