This Viral Video Is the Most Realistic Depiction of Childbirth, Ever

There are so many reasons to love being pregnant and equally as many reasons not to love it! But let’s focus on the positives here – pregnancy is a time to pamper yourself! For the one time in your life (or two, three or four times), you can watch your belly expand as a baby is growing inside of you miraculously. You don’t have to worry about gaining weight, as you are nurturing your body and that of your growing baby.

But I know I personally put on weight too fast! I felt all of the typical pregnancy symptoms; sore breasts, extreme fatigue and soon enough, nausea and morning sickness. The second semester of my pregnancy was definitely the “honeymoon” phase; I felt great and was glowing. But come the third trimester, I was so swollen and had put on so much weight that I couldn’t wait to just have the baby!

But I was so nervous about the labor and delivery. It’s only natural to have feelings of anxiety and fear. Will the labor be quick? Will delivery go smoothly? Will I be able to give birth naturally? Or would I need a C-section? Would I take pain medications or the epidural?

Credit: Facebook/ Liz Chalmers

Giving birth can be scary!

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Maria Lianos Carbone

Maria Lianos-Carbone is owner of, a leading lifestyle blog for women. Her first book, "Oh Baby! A Mom's Self-Care Survival Guide for the First Year" will be published Spring 2018. Follow Maria on Instagram @amotherworld.

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