This Turkey Shepherds Pie Recipe Is The Perfect Solution To Your Thanksgiving Turkey Leftovers!

My husband laughed a little when he took our turkey out of the freezer this morning to put it in the fridge to start to thaw because it’s a pretty big turkey! He couldn’t help but wonder aloud how long we’d be eating turkey for since there’s only 6 of us for Thanksgiving dinner.

I love having turkey leftovers – I think it’s the best part of holiday meals – but I don’t normally stray from the typical ‘hot turkey sandwich/turkey soup’ meals for leftovers. That all changed when I found this awesome video on how to make turkey shepherds pie on Tasty Food’s YouTube channel.

Tasty is one of my most favourite food channel’s to follow, and their facebook page is always posting really great and simple recipes that always look easy to make and delicious. I love this recipe for turkey shepherds pie because shepherds pie is one of my kids’ favourite meals, and all of the ingredients that go in to it are the same things you’ll have in your house from preparing Thanksgiving dinner. I also love how these can be made as individual servings just using french onion soup bowls or other smaller ceramic dishes. I’ve never thought to make them as individual servings before.

Watch the video below to see just how to make turkey shepherds pie and let me know what kind of recipes you create with your Thanksgiving dinner leftovers.


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