This Toddler Learns That It’s Hard To Stay Angry When You Wear Squeaky Shoes

Those of us who have had or currently have toddlers are very familiar with the temper tantrum that happens for no explicable reason. When they just cross their arms across their chest, put their best grumpy face on, and refuse to speak to you or even acknowledge you.

That’s exactly what is happening with this adorable little toddler in South Korea who seems that she wants nothing to do with her father, who keeps trying to talk to her. Although I can’t understand what he’s saying, I’m assuming he’s trying to figure out why she’s sulking and what’s wrong, but she constantly refuses to tell him and keeps turning away from the camera.

It’s hard to stay mad when you have your squeaky shoes on though, and eventually this little girl can’t help but smile and be happy again! I’m fairly certain those shoes would have driven me nuts if they were on my kid, but seeing them make this little girl smile makes them totally cute in this video!

Check it out below.



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