This Toddler Burned to Death While Playing With Her Siblings Is Beyond Tragic

toddler dies in oven
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Being  a parent is hard and when I hear stories like this my heart breaks more and more. I wish there was a way to help more people who clearly want to have their children, but make choices that are not acceptable.

I am not going to place any judgement as I am not sure what anyone can say in this situation of what should or should not have been done.

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My heartbreaks for the father who did not even know this was going on.  I am not sure of their full relationship so I’ll take it as the news comes in.  I can see he is devastated and to learn that his little children who are 3 and 5 years old were responsible for the death of 19th month old little J’zyra Thompson ( who may be his child), from Texas.

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The full story is heartbreaking.

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