This Teen Is Sharing A Video Showing Her Beaten Unconscious By Classmates To Take A Stand Against Bullying

16 year old Mia DeJesus was visciously beaten in a school bathroom until she was left unconscious by 4 classmates at her school in Philadelphia. After the assault, a video of the beating began to surface on social media with the purpose of further humiliating and taunting the teenager.

Mia told ABC7 News how knowing that the video was being circulated made her feel, saying “When I saw it, I was embarrassed because people were reposting and laughing about it. It just messed me up in my head.”

“I felt alone and feeling alone, a lot of people feel this way, and nobody really does anything about it,” Mia said.

So Mia and her mom Melinda decided to take a stand. “Let’s make a positive out of it and let’s show what cowards that they are. They’re not Instagram famous. Now they’re famous for being cowards,” said her mom Melinda.

They took the footage and created their own video which features Mia speaking over the horrific attack, explaining how she was assaulted by 4 girls bigger than her just because they didn’t like her!

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Posted by Diana Almonte on Sunday, January 31, 2016


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