This Super Sassy Note to the Tooth Fairy Totally Calls Out the Lies We Tell Our Children



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My kids have asked a few times about the tooth fairy but so far we still seem to get them to believe in her and her crazy presents she leaves!

Well Reddit user willsanderson seems to not be as lucky as we are!  The dad found a note on his daughter’s pillow addressed to the “Tooth Fairy,” and boy was that note sassy!

Dear “Tooth Dairy,” I don’t believe in the Tooth Fairy anymore. I know it’s you who gets the money and puts it under my pillow, mom and dad. I’m sorry if this is hard for you, but I’m 9 now. P.S. I don’t believe in Santa Claus either. Love, Lexi P.S. Daddy, I knew it was you last Easter, hiding my Easter eggs! Lexi let her dad down pretty hard, which is a shame since faking belief for a year or two longer may have gotten her an extra gift from “Santa” at Christmastime rookie mistake. 

How would you feel if your kids admitted they stopped believing? 


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