Sister Wives Star Is Surprising Critics by Launching Her Own Fitness Platform

Let’s face it: it’s really hard trying to stick to a workout routine when you’re trying to juggle your life, your career, your home and your family. I once read that you can only choose three out of the following aspects of your life: career, friends, sleep, family or fitness. So if you choose sleep, career and family, you can forget about friends and fitness. Or if you decide that you want to focus on fitness, then there goes your sleep. In other words, it’s almost impossible to do everything you need (or want to do) in a short 24-hour time span. I mean, we all try to be supermamas but sometimes we really do need that 25 hour in the day to make it all happen.

That’s why there’s one reality television star who wants to change all of that for you, one step at a time. ‘Sister Wives’ star Janelle Brown has just launched a new fitness program for mothers who either don’t have the time to hit the gym several times a week or are too intimidated to do so simply because they haven’t worked out in years. And honestly, I see this as a great way to boost the self confidence that some of us mamas are sometimes lacking.

Janelle Brown
Credit: Twitter/@janelleBrown117

Janelle Brown wants to help you get in shape.

Here’s what’s she’s doing.

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