This Single Dad’s Emotional Letter Will After Mom Walks Out Will Kick Your Gut!

single dad letter

A very young dad has decided to share with his friends and community about what it truly means to him be a single parent.

21 year old Richard Johnson, is really proud to be a father to 10-month-old baby girl named Persephone. This little baby girl’s mom left one month after she was born. “We still don’t know exactly why, but we suspect postpartum depression played a part,” on his facebook page Life of Dad.

"I was so nervous and scared about being a father in general, but now I was a single father and had to fulfill two roles. I wasn't sure I could do it, I now get asked by my friends for parenting advice constantly. We've come a long way, my daughter and me."

As a woman whose husband left while I was pregnant, thanks from the bottom of my heart for standing up and being a true father," Lindsey wrote on his post.

Richard decided  to share even more details, which included the  good times and the tough times!

single dad

"The days have been rough and at times I wasn't sure I could make it another day, I spent more [than] a few nights holding my little girl as she slept, weeping because I wasn't sure I was going to be a good enough father for her."

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