This Single Dad Used IVF to Have a Baby and Now He’s Trying for Another

If you have the desire and love in your heart to become a father, then there should be nothing in this world from stopping you. Honestly, it doesn’t matter if you want to become a mother or a father. If you have what it takes to raise passionate, caring and thoughtful children through lots of love, commitment and dedication, then more power to you.

That’s why so many people are talking about this 47-year-old single father who used IVF to have a baby boy and now he’s doing it again. It wasn’t until four years ago that he realized he wanted to become a father after having focused on his career for several years. And now he’s making his dreams of having his own family come true, even if it might be a little unconventional for some.

single dad
Credit: Shutterstock/ zeljkodan

If you thought IVF was just for single moms and couples, think again

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