This Pregnant Mom Receives Sign From God To Not Abort Her Baby

When Kimberly Henderson became pregnant with her fourth child, it seemed the news couldn’t have come at a worse time. Her boyfriend was cheating on her, she already had three mouths to feed, yet she couldn’t bear the pain of terminating her pregnancy. We’ve met Kimberly before when she stood up for her post-pregnancy stretch marks, and we know that Kimberly takes motherhood seriously. Still, believing she was doing the right thing for her family, she mustered up the courage to do what many women do in her situation and went to the abortion clinic.

She waited for seven long hours, bawling the entire time. Wondering how she was going to go through with this. Then wondering again how she would make it work if she didn’t. When it was her turn, she searched in her purse for her ID, then something fell out of her wallet. It was a small card, but for Kimberly, this was a sign from God himself…


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