This Politician’s Christmas Card Shows Exactly What It’s Like Trying To Get A 3 Year Old To Pose For Holiday Photos

Oh Christmas photos are so painful, aren’t they?! First there’s the purchasing of just the right coordinating outfits for your kids, then there’s the planning, trying to organize a time when your toddler will be fully rested and not cranky, and then there’s the invitable bribing that happens, promising your kids anything it takes to just get ONE GOOD PICTURE!

Andrew Leigh is a politician from Australia who’s recent family Christmas card is making headlines for one adorable reason – his 3 year old son who wanted absolutely nothing to do with the picture.  While Andrew, his wife and two other older children are posing happily together, his 3 year old Zachary is sitting off to the side, quite sulkily, wanting nothing to do with the pictures. Oh yes, this is exactly what having holiday pictures with a 3 year old is like!


Andrew explained what happened to TODAY saying,

“We did a photo shoot with the whole family for about 20 minutes. Our three-year-old (Zachary) enjoyed it initially, but then found it rather frustrating that we were all standing still and looking at the cameraman,” he wrote. “From his perspective, you can understand it: Why stand still when you can play?”

That sounds about right in the world of 3 year olds! Andrew told TODAY that after Zachary didn’t get his way “he decided to sit down and have a bit of a sulk about it,” Leigh said.

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