This Plus Size Vlogger Is Told Not To Try On A Sweater At Walmart So She Won’t Stretch It!

Shiann Friesen is a 19 year old plus size vlogger and blogger from Canada who recently had a discriminatory run in with a change room associate at her local WalMart. Friesen, who was shopping for Christmas gifts, explains in a vlog posted to her YouTube channel ShiCurves that she had brought about 6 items to the change room to try on, with one item being a Christmas sweater.



It was then that the saleswoman asked Shiann not to try on the Christmas sweater out of fear that she would ‘stretch’ it! Shiann captured the incident on video and posted it in a vlog where she explains what happens. Shiann can be seen asking the sales associate to repeat what she had said to her about not trying on the sweater, “Sorry, I’m really confused, what were you asking me not to do?” Friesen says. “Just don’t try to push it,” the associate says to her.  Friesen then responds by saying “I don’t understand,” which is when the associate explained “Just don’t try to put on something that’s obviously not going to fit. That’s all I’m asking. Just don’t stretch it. That’s all I asking. I’m not trying to impertinent or anything.”

WHOA! I’m not sure I’d be able to pick my jaw up off the floor if a sales associate said something like that to me!

Shiann went ahead and tried on the sweater, even though the sales woman TOLD HER NOT TO. I can’t even believe the nerve of that sales woman. Honestly, I think I would have been so irritated I would have walked out right then and there, but she decided to go ahead and try on her clothes anyway, probably still numb from what the employee said to her.


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