This Nurse’s “Magic” Yarn Wigs Are Helping Kids With Cancer In The Most Beautiful Way!

the magic yarn project - disney hair for kids with cancer

Holly Christensen, a former cancer nurse found out that a little 3 year old who was her friend’s daughter was diagnosed with cancer. Holly decided not to go back to her job at the hospital, but ran over to an arts and crafts store in Alaska and bought some bright-yellow yarn to make a Rapunzel wig with beautiful flowers for the 3 year old to wear during her chemotherapy sessions.

The Magic Yarn Project was created when Holly received more and more requests ( seriously I cannot even imagine how she was not bombarded the second that child stepped out).

"While not the most severe of side effects, hair loss can still be very difficult for cancer patients, especially for little girls and chemotherapy treatments often leave patients' bare scalps too sensitive for traditional wigs, to create head coverings for little cancer patients that are both comfortable and whimsical, Magic Yarn volunteers crochet soft yarn into beanies and then transform them into long, beautiful princess hair." they said on the project's website.

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