This New Jersey School District Is Proposing No Homework Weekends


When it comes to homework, I can definitely understand both side of the argument. While I think too much nightly homework can be tough on both parents and students, not doing any homework at all isn’t doing anyone any favors, either.

In fact, homework was very beneficial for me personally while I was in both middle and high school. I remember that the only times I could easily ace a test or keep up with my teachers and my classwork is when I took the time to review my material at home.

Now though, a school district in New Jersey is planning homework-free weekends as they say kids simply need a well-earned break from their schoolbooks.

According to, Princeton Public Schools recently announced homework-free periods of time for the upcoming year.

The schedule, which was decided on at a school board meeting last week, sets aside one homework free weekend each semester as well as barring tests or projects from being due immediately after a break, according to a statement from the district.

“The purpose of this schedule will be to provide our students with periods of time throughout the year when they can mentally step away from focusing on homework and projects, and studying for tests,” Princeton Superintendent Steve Cochrane wrote in the statement.

Hmm.. what do you think Hot Moms? Do your children have “too much” homework during the week? Do you think homework-free weekends are a good idea?

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