This New Drybar iPhone App Is Like Uber for Blowouts

Now this is definitely something I would try! I don’t know about you but for the majority of the summer my long, thick hair stays very messily tucked in to a top knot because the humidity makes it a pain for me to try and blow dry daily. Sometimes if I’m feeling energetic I’ll whip out the round brush, plug in the straightener and dedicate at least an hour to trying to tame my mane, but for the most part putting it up is just a much easier option.

That could all change now that the people at Drybar have just launched a new app called ‘Dry On The Fly’ which is being called the Uber for blow outs! Basically once you enter your information you can schedule an appointment with one of over 500 stylist who will come directly to you to give you a salon worthy blow out for the cost of $75 (that’s tip included). That’s pretty awesome especially if you have a special occasion to attend.


The service is currently only available in Manhattan, but fingers crossed it’s a success and Drybar rolls it out in other locations.

I’m curious, is this something you think you would use? I think it’s pretty genius and while it’s a bit pricey to use all the time I would definitely use it for special occasions or a job interview or that sort of thing. What do you think?

The Dry on the Fly app is a free download available from iTunes.


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