This New Barbie Commercial Features A Boy Playing With Barbie For The First Time

Well I feel like this is going to get a lot of different responses from you Hot Moms. I think most of as moms know that boys and girls like to play with toys regardless of what gender we assign to those toys. Girls enjoy playing with cars and trucks as much as boys enjoy playing with dolls and toy kitchens. After all, they’re just kids and enjoy playing with toys that let them use their imagination regardless of whether they are ‘girl toys’ or ‘boy toys’.

More and more stores are getting rid of their gender segmented toys and just creating ‘toy aisles’ and now Barbie has gone one step further in helping to break down gender segmented toys by featuring a boy in their latest commercial.

In their newest commercial for the Moschino Barbie, Mattel has included a boy playing with the iconic doll alongside 2 girls. And not only is he featured playing with the doll, but he shares as much dialogue as the girls in the commercial.

I love that Mattel has included a boy in their commerical. Toys are for kids, regardless of gender, and whatever toy a child chooses to play with is no business of anyone else. As long as kids are happy and healthy let them play with what they want!

Take a look at the commercial below and let me know your thoughts.



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