This Mother’s Search For A Kidney Donor To Save Her Daughter Has Gone Viral ~ Find Out Why!

Karol Franks needed to help find her daughter a kidney after waiting for 15 years! She decided to take it to the streets! Literally!

Her daughter Jenna was diagnosed with kidney failure at age 14.   She has been undergoing daily dialysis treatments, but her mother hasn’t stopped searching for a donor. The aggressive mom who lives in Pasadena, CA, decided to put a sign up!

Her message read, “Daughter Needs Kidney, Type O,”

Tatum Bateman tweeted the image along with the message, “This honestly needs to go viral,” which was retweeted over 9,100 times. “I had no idea that it would actually go viral,” Bateman told Yahoo Parenting. “It’s so cool. Social media used for the right way can really work and do something that really matters.”
kidney transplant She also told, “This has taken over her entire life and we want more for her, which is why we’re trying everything we can.”

We hope she finds it!


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