This Mother Says She Refuses to Teach Her 5-Year-Old Son How to Read

I’m not sure how this started, but it seems like many parents like to treat their children’s education like one big race. It’s all about who can read first, who can write their name first and who can figure out the most insane quantum physics problem first. As if there’s a trophy or first place ribbon waiting for the person who the parent with the brightest kid at the finish line. We all know that’s not true, right?

Luckily there are parents out there who know that treating their children’s education like a 5k Mud Race is unnecessary. The more you push, the more out of breath, dirty and exhausted you become towards the end. Everything should come at it’s own pace. That’s why this British mum says she refuses to teach her son how to read. Now, that’s not because she wants her son to be illiterate, but because she says there are more important things he needs to learn first.

Credit: Shutterstock/Evgeny Atamanenko

Here’s what she has to say.

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