This Mother Is Being Criticized For Spending $16,000 On Surgery To Feel Better About Her Postpartum Body

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Having lived in South Florida for over a decade, I don’t pass any judgment on those who choose to go the plastic surgery route because it is very common in that area. More often than not you’d hear radio advertisements about the latest procedures and trends as everyone strived for the perfect body (and face).

Personally, I never considered going down that route because no matter how much I’ve seen my body change after my two pregnancies, I’ve learned to live with it. It may not be perfect, but I’m not interested in a perfect life, either (because what fun would that be?).

But for 25-year-old British mum Kayleigh Mole, she used to be so unhappy with her postpartum body that it sucked all of the confidence out of her. And that’s why after her last pregnancy in 2013, she has shelled out more than $16,000 to get back the body that she wanted.

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Here’s a little more from The Daily Mail:

She was so insecure about her body, she decided surgery was the answer and had a consultation with MYA cosmetic surgery.

She said: ‘I was feeling better because I lost weight, but I was left with this.

‘My skin was so loose, I couldn’t wear high-waisted jeans because I had a bulge in the bottom of my stomach you could see.

‘I was so insecure with the way I looked. I just wanted to feel okay in a bikini.’

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