Can Water Births Cause a Deadly Illness in Infants? This Mom Thinks So

Back when I was pregnant with my two children, I did a little research about water births but never really considered it as a birthing option. Because I wasn’t sure how I would feel doing something out of the norm, I went the traditional route by having a hospital birth, with pain, screaming and more. But I don’t judge women who give birth at bath tubs or at home. Moms know their bodies the best and that’s why they usually go alternative routes when it comes to labor and birth experiences.

Yet, for British mother-of-two Nicola Wilkins, she believes that her water birth might have caused her son’s serious health issue.

water birth
Credit: Shutterstock/ChameleonsEye

Her baby boy Owen was found “grey” and “unresponsive” two weeks after her water birth. Here’s what happened.

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