This Mom’s Viral Facebook Rant About School Supplies Is Perfection

Have you bought your school supplies yet? I did my Target run last week with my middle son, who proceeded to suddenly ‘need’ many new things that weren’t on his list!

I will admit, school supply lists give me anxiety. With four kids I have been known to slowly lose my mind while perusing the aisles searching aimlessly for a 14pt, red, three hole punch pocket folder. I’ve also had some pretty serious internal debates over whether a black marble composition book is an OK replacement for the red marble composition book that seems to be sold out despite it being on my list.

School supply shopping sucks, and lately we’ve seen a lot of parents boycott the supply list, angry that they feel like they’re supplying pencils and paper for the entire class and not just their own kid. Many feel that school administrations should be providing things like Kleenex or Ziploc bags instead of asking parents to send it in.

One mom recently posted a video to Facebook about school supplies and the parents that have a problem with them that’s gone viral mostly because she really puts the whole ‘school supply’ issue in to perspective.

school supplies
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How do you feel about school supplies?

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